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Der Name Avtek steht für Audio-Visuelle-Technologien und spiegelt somit das Produktportfolio im Namen 1:1 wieder. Ursprünglich lag der Schwerpunkt in den Bereichen Leinwände, Projektorhalterungen und Universalfernbedienungen. Bereits kurz nach dem Marktstart wurden zudem interkative Whitboards sowie interkative Displays eingeführt.

Markteintritt 2006

The brand’s mission is to provide quality audiovisual products at reasonable prices, always in a manner aligned with existing market demands. The strategy we adopted, our selection of products and ensuring they were affordable for customers with a limited budget turned out to be the perfect mix. The first products offered under the brand included projection screens (wall- and tripod-mounted models) as well as wall and ceiling mounts for projectors. They were the perfect match for ViDiS’s product range, which mostly consisted of SANYO projectors at that time. Avtek's launch proved successful and the brand's logo was soon seen in more and more schools, conference rooms, design and engineering companies, and hotels, and being used by professional presenters.

2012 Interkative Multifunktionstafeln / Boards

Due to the great demand in the Polish educational sector for interactive solutions, Avtek extended its offering by adding the TT-Board family - its first interactive whiteboards, thus making a giant leap towards expanding its range to include more technologically-sophisticated products. The TT-Board series proved an immense success and have continued to be sold until the present. The popularity and quality of these products earned them Poland’s coveted Consumer Laurel Awards in 2014 and 2015.

interaktive Touchdisplays 2013

Fuelled by the success of our interactive whiteboards, Avtek launched an even more advanced product: an interactive display. The trail-blazing Avtek TouchScreen 65″ was the first product in its category on the Polish market whose price made it affordable to the Polish education sector. Another helpful factor was the growing trend among customers who started replacing interactive whiteboards with this technologically more advanced solution – interactive displays. This is why the TouchScreen, and its successor TouchScreen P, turned out to be another success and a concept worth developing further.

Was wird die Zukunft für uns bereit halten?

Today, Avtek is one of the most widely recognised brands of interactive equipment in the Polish education sector. Displays, whiteboards, projector accessories – all these categories are still continued and remain successful. Avtek's far-reaching advertising campaigns in collaboration with renowned websites, such as multimediawszkole.pl, Classroom of Dreams, and the Interactive School Lab, Avtek promotes innovative teaching methods and nurtures creativity among Polish students and teachers. The Avtek team has one last thing to add. Our plans for the future are ambitious: as a leading Polish manufacturer of projector accessories and interactive products, we have absolutely no intention of resting on our laurels! Rest assured, Avtek will still keep expanding its product range.

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